Pelosi: Weiner Can Stay

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    – Fri Jun 10, 7:07 pm ET

    WASHINGTON – Amid increasing calls for Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi says the decision should be up to the congressman and his New York constituents.

    The former speaker said in San Francisco that she believes the decision should be made by "the individual member" and the people in his district.

    Weiner, a seven-term Democrat, has admitted sending sexually explicit photos and messages over the Internet to a half dozen women over the past three years. Pelosi has asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate whether Weiner used any government resources.

    Weiner told a newspaper Thursday he would not resign. At least nine House members and three senators said he should quit.

    Two former Democratic Party chairmen also said he should resign.
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    Weiner did pick up support from Rep. Charles Rangel, a New York Democrat who was censured by the House last year for ethics violations.

    Rangel suggested that other members of Congress had done things more immoral than Weiner.

    Rangel said Weiner "wasn't going with prostitutes. He wasn't going out with little boys."

    In a recent poll of registered voters in Weiner's district, 56 percent said he should stay in office while 33 percent said he should leave.

    What a glowing vote of confidence for Weiner coming from a degenerate tax cheat (Rangel), and a clueless, hated shrivelled up twat named Pelosi. ROFLMAO!!!!!!

    ***I can't think of anything better to cripple Democrat candidates in the 2012 elections than these moron libertards not willing to clean and police their own house. Oh, and not to mention a double dip recession, Obamacare getting overturned, and Obama's piling up trillions more in debt.
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    Hmm, so much for "draining the swamp".

    She doesn't have time to call for Weiners resignation because she is so busy personally handing out Obamacare Waivers to her business cronys in San Fransisco.

    Nancy Pelosi is frankly more corrupt than Anthony Weiner.
  3. What's the point reading the news on Weiner? Why bother to report it? None of this will make a bit of difference. Rangel still around, Geithner is still working. There's a bronze bust of convicted felon Joe Bruno in the Albany Airport. "Jive turkey" will still vote in the next election.


    Sen Chuck Grassley asked the SEC what they do with tips besides file them away in a drawer till the statue of limitations run out. He received a five page reply which can be summed up in two words - fuck off.
  4. Sorry Nancy, it's not solely up to the constituents. No more so than it's up to the church congregation when a priest sticks his cock up some kids ass. And this silly ass argument that he does good things doesn't hold water either. That alone doesn't give anyone a free pass to do whatever they want.
    The congressman is in a position of power and influence. He is privy to information not available to the general public. His vote can and does change lives, sometimes can cost lives. Trillions of dollars are at stake. Local and global economies can rise and fall on the way congress votes. Anyone this reckless with their behavior and just to utterly stupid as to put themselves in a position to be blackmailed for that vote cannot be entrusted with such a position as a member of congress, or any other position of influence for that matter.
    Guess we're going to just have to bring back the guillotine to get rid of these bastards.
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    I read this headline, and thought here's another one for the late night comedians: "headline reads, Pelosi: Weiner can stay in.":D
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    Was thinking the same thing.

    BTW, yesterday's NYPost frontpage (for those not from NYC):

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    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good one!:D
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  10. Shortly after the calls for resignation were delivered, reports emerged that Weiner was, indeed, checking into a treatment center -- though where and for what precisely (depression? addiction?) wasn't immediately clear.


    He probably checked in to a psy facility to avoid/postpone upcoming criminal charge of some sort. Just speculating.....

    Oth, Pelosi has shuffled around some Dems to the parties advantage.
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