Pelosi: We Don't Have The Votes To Pass Senate Health Bill In The House.

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  2. They got the message. The irony of the whole thing was that Nebraska backroom deal is what I suspect caused the Mass loss. It was the final straw.

    I guess those idiots in congress somehow thought no one would find out about that nebraska deal.
  3. Obama has achieved nothing so far, the do-nothing president, the 44th president of the United States
  4. You forgot, he did get Cash for clunkers going.

    I think that is all, oh and the Perma blank checks to AIG etc..

    People are looking around and coming to the realization that he only accomplished 2 things, none which is good for the US.
  5. We can only hope he does nothing for the remainder of his term.

    Obama = A one man national disaster
  6. I forgot to add, more perma wars and global policing on our dime. Just continuing bush's policy.
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