Pelosi Wants Stimulus Package TOO??

Discussion in 'Politics' started by gnome, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. So... if Congress can be strong-armed into passing a $700B bail-out, why not "a couple hundred $Billion" more?

    WHAT A CUNT!!! :mad:
  2. Arnie


    Can you really blame her?
  3. Maybe she's not getting enough stimulus herself.
  4. Somebody please give her some batteries for her vibrator. :)
  5. What? Is that a good idea? She being righteous?

    That's like finding someone bleeding in the street after an auto accident and lifting his wallet...:mad:
  6. she deserves a big black man
  7. Somebody tell the US Mint to order new printing presses.
  8. card junkies! From lip-service of fiscal restraint, to all-out spend-like-there's-no-tomorrow.

    What the hey, her version of spreading it around, probably thinks that at least that-a-way regualr folks get a slice of the pie, (likely more like crumbs, but something).

    They had the look of 'drunken sailors' this morning as they neared 'agreement in principle'.
  9. jd7419


    Know that if you are a halfway productive member of society, pelosi does not have you in mind for a stimulus check.
  10. Like the IRS notice we got on the last stimulus package... "...certain folks will be getting a check, but not you.."
    #10     Sep 25, 2008