Pelosi wants "Fee's" to pay this

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  1. Straight from the horses mouth.

    Tax payers will be made whole with fee's paid for by wall street.

    I think we all know what this means.

    Do you really think tax payers will be in the black in 5 years?

    I dont think so.
  2. I hope we all move our trading overseas and CUNT Pelosi stews in her own juices of disbelief.

    She and the DemoCraps want EVERYBODY to pay except for those responsible....

    Is there no justice in this world?
  3. ...until you realize Americans can't own foreign stocks....
  4. clacy


    These people are fucking clueless. That's exactly what you get when you elect a bunch of asshole lawyers to congress.
  5. Also, in last night's debate, they kept saying "we must stop all of this corruption on Wallstreet".
    What the hell were they talking about ? I mean specifically ?
    What is all of this "scapegoating" of Wallstreet about ?
    What about government spending ?
    Iraq alone has bankrupted our country for our kids.
    The rhetoric and bullshit in Washington is at an all-time high !!
  6. lassic


    "war on terror"
    "war on wallstreet"

    need catch phrases for the masses
  7. "war on my nuts" sums this whole thing up.
  8. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Buckeroo... but the future will be a PEPETUAL war on your nutz...
  9. TraDaToR


    You can still trade everything else( futures, cfds... ) but if it's related to DeFazio's Proposal, the guy wants the transaction fee to be applied to "all foreign transactions made by american nationals"( from the other thread ). Hope you americans find something to dig this whole tax nonsense...
  10. The inflation will kill the buying power for the US now. Who's gonna pay for all this debt? The dollar has to fall.
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