Pelosi vs. Palin

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Who is the real threat?

  1. Pelosi

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  2. Palin

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  1. Much has been made about the agenda(s) of these two women. I have a simple question. Of the two, which one is in a position to be a danger to our country?
  2. Conversely, which one is in a position to do good for this country.:D
  3. Not Pelosi. :D
  4. Both are merely split-tails to whom much hysterics is ascribed. i,e, they're not worth the thought time that some people give to them.

    BTW: I didn't vote. It seems trivial.
  5. bpcnabe


    Pelosi is far more dangerous for this country simply because she is the one in a position to direct the course of this country and Palin never will be.

    You can't wield any power if you never had it to begin with.
  6. fhl


    The ability to persuade and nudge public opinion obviously has power, or the donkeys wouldn't be apoplectic over palin, beck, etc.
  7. Speaking of donkeys. Did you ever see the movie, "pinocchio".
  8. cstfx


    Why is is that the only ones who take the threat of a Palin as a political force seriously are those on the left? When are the literati going to realize that they should be paying attention to the man behind the curtain and not the big, smokey image before them?
  9. Ricter


    In your opinion who is "the man behind the curtain"?
  10. I can't speak for cstfx, but lets go with a troika:

    Karl Marx, Saul Awlinsky and Barack Obama
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