Pelosi Supports Obama Contraception Insurance Mandate

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  1. Pelosi on contraception insurance mandate: I am going to stick with my fellow Catholics in supporting the administration on this
    posted at 7:00 pm on February 3, 2012
    by Tina Korbe

    When the administration announced earlier this month that it would stick to its decision to require religiously-affiliated employers to provide their employees with insurance that covers contraception, the national Catholic reaction was, to put it mildly, less than supportive. All across the country, Catholic bishops wrote and read letters to their flocks that read, “We cannot — we will not — comply with this unjust law.”

    Today, a reporter asked Nancy Pelosi whether she would stand with her fellow Catholics and oppose the law or whether she would stand with the administration and support it. The former Speaker of the House responded with this doozy:
    Ack. She must have misunderstood the question. The point of the question was that she can’t have it both ways. This exercise is getting old. When will Pelosi just admit that she doesn’t think the pope and bishops have any more moral authority than she does — and that, on matters of “women’s health,” they have even less? Oh, wait. She has. She has said that she thinks her personal experience of motherhood qualifies her to be her own authority on the abortion issue and she has long lamented the collective Catholic conscience on contraception. Of what, exactly, does her Catholicism consist? At least Joe Biden reportedly fought against the administration’s decision in private negotiations.

    Yes, Ms. Pelosi, the administration was so courageous to use this decision to curry favor with voters Obama needs. In fact, isn’t that the definition of courage? To make safe your own hide before you worry about anybody else’s? That sort of example always stirred my heroic impulses, I assure you.

    Please, people, pay attention to congressional elections. If you think Pelosi is unbearable now, just imagine her as Speaker of the House again.
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    Pelosi is losing brain cells at a rapid rate. She has always had quite a few bad synapses but she is starting to get down right embarrassing for the Democrats every time she speaks. She is beginning to out-biden Biden.
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    It is so offensive to Catholics... it shows how frightening big brother Obamacare is, it shows how orwellian democrats are. Double speak in support of the state take over. tell a big lie often enough etc.

    I would go back and look at that apple superbowl ad from years ago ... and juxtapose the freedom technology companies like Apple can create in a free market place with the tyranny of thought and deed democrats reid obama and pelosi create.

    It should be over for dems. They will lose the Catholic vote and the independent vote.
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    I notice you left out any argument with that stat...

    But, you are fool if you think catholics who use birth control will allow democrats to tell the catholic church to pay for abortions or pass out birth control.

    Catholics who choose to disregard church teaching on the subject. do not want anyone but God dictating their choices, they certainly do not want Obama dictating their Churches choices.
  6. Good point.
  7. This one-size-fits-all approach to health care is precisely what makes it so expensive. Instead of letting an employer choose what he offers, they want to mandate not only coverage for contraceptives and abortificants but also mandate that there is no copay for them. Cancer medicine, heart medicine, yes you have to shell out for the copay but not for contraceptives.

    Of course, the administration would love it if employers stopped providing coverage and private insurance became prohibitively expensive. Then they could push for what they have wanted all along, fully socialized medicine. Long lines, rude service and severely rationed procedures will be in store for most of us. The elites however, the Buffets, the big donors, government officials, they will get access through the VIP door for gold-plated care. it happens in every socialized system.
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    Oh boy, a trip to the doctor will be like visiting the DMV.

    I know I can't wait.