Pelosi says "Party on Wall Street is Over"

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by TT1, Sep 28, 2008.

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    Well boys, its time to start a new party!!!

  2. I just wanna fuck some big booty girls right about now! :D Markets are in asshole mode anyway. Impossible to trade.
  3. She is helping to supply a brand new punch bowl.
  4. <cite>Pelosi says "Party on Wall Street is Over"</cite><p>She is right about that.

    Whether moving Wall Street to Washington means the party moves with it, is a different story.

    Any partying in Washington maybe muted after quite a few incumbents find themselves out of a job come November.
  5. wjk


    We can only hope.
  6. Bitches should stay the hell out of politics. back in the kitchen where you belong, those dished aint gonna do themselves.
  7. Markets are very tradable. Buy panic, sell excitement.

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    And rememer Bill Clinton's famous proclamation... "The era of big government is over"...

  9. Just heard some clown saying how much the superstars need to be paid to run all these big banks.

    good thing we had all this high priced talent in place or we'd really be fugged.

    None of these asswipes should made more than 1 million, including bennies and stock options.

    We grossly overpay ALL CEOS.

    You so smart, start your own biz and run it, you want to run an existing biz owned by the stockholders, f^^k you, we pay you a fair salary , and not a dime more.

    The compensation system is perverse and vulgar.
  10. leave sarah palin alone
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