Pelosi: ObamaCare Lets You Quit Your Job And Be An Artist

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    Marking the third anniversary of Obamacare’s passage, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said the health care law fulfills the promises of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness because it allows people to leave jobs that include health insurance as a benefit: You can become a “photographer or writer.”

    (Sure Nancy, between ObamaCare, Food Stamps and Welfare you can be anything you want to be including a lump on a couch watching soap operas all day.)

    “I’ve always said that the Affordable Care Act is something that was transformative,” Pelosi said Wednesday during a press conference on Capitol Hill marking the upcoming anniversary of the law on March 23.

    “It helped us honor our promise of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to the American people. Life -- a healthier life,” she said. “Liberty to pursue their happiness, individual happiness because they could not—they wouldn’t be job-locked, stay in a job because someone in the family had preexisting medical condition or that they did themselves.”

    (I see those people pursuing their happiness at the soup kitchen all the time. Don't they take courses there like engineering, computer science and accounting so they can get off the government dole?)

    “And just think, that you could be a photographer or writer,” Pelosi said, “start your own business, be self-employed, as well as change jobs or start a business and not have to be constrained by whether you had affordable and accessible quality health care.

    “That’s what this legislation does,” she said.

    (I would like someone to pay me so I can be an artist too. I sent in one of those aptitude tests you see on the bus and they said I was a natural to be a famous artist. :) )

    Pelosi often has praised Obamacare in this way, saying it enables Americans to quit their jobs and become artists.