Pelosi Impeachment Inquiry

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  1. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    OK Let's hear your bets

    Again, I will NOT trade based solely on this event, but would love to hear some far out estimates on where this takes us in the event she is successful.

    My guess is the market reacts positively if she is able to effect an impeachment inquiry. But then again I have no skin in this game...I will resume trading technically tomorrow during RTH.

    This thread is purely for entertainment purposes.
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  2. destriero


    Clinton mislead about Colonel Angus and/or fellatio. This is quite fucking different. You have a serial felon/traitor/treasonous President extorting a sovereign nation.
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  3. Everyone is “waiting for the credit bubble to burst” the bubble is IMHO is Trump himself so I vote down!
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  4. ETJ


    We already saw reaction today - Yes in the house and it will fall flat in the Senate. Don't think this as much about impeachment as it is about 2020.

    Markets won't like it.
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  5. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Colonel Angus Still has me of my favorite skits BTW
  6. gaussian


    This is actually a huge deal if it's true. There's a lot of conjecture running around so I'm trying to stay relatively neutral. This isn't a normal whine fest from the left - if it is true Trump coerced Ukraine into giving him dirt on his political opponents under threat of not giving them aid they had earmarked it's a MASSIVE problem. Right wing pundits won't be able to "whatabout obama?" because this is absolutely unprecedented.

    It's a huge bet for the democrats. If they get an impeachment this will probably be the last year the Republicans ever run given that the nation is steadily turning majority blue. They couldn't run a candidate even remotely like Trump again.

    If it isn't true the democrats have lost 2020 with certainty, probably 2024 as well as long as the RNC runs someone that isn't orange and narcissistic.

    Release the transcript and hold the inquiry. Put the whistleblower on stage so that they can talk. Do not hide the whistleblower.

    Prepare for an interesting few weeks - I'm guessing market will be steadily falling as more information comes out.
  7. Overnight


    Down 10%, because I am long.
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  8. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    You are classic!
  9. Overnight


    Consistency is key! lol!

    (Surely, we'll gap down some in 5 mins.)
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