Pelosi: I'm clueless about cash cut-off

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    "WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said yesterday she is clueless about an amendment to prohibit government funds for embattled ACORN, although it overwhelmingly passed the Senate Monday and the White House is calling for the group to be held accountable.

    "I don't even know what they passed," Pelosi told The Post yesterday. "What did they do? They defunded it?"

    The amendment to suspend housing grants was a stunning blow to the community-activist group -- and came as some Democrats and the White House have been backing away from the group. "

    Why is this not surprising?
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    Maybe she was on one of her airplanes. :D
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    Or in her custom built ladies room.
  5. it's refreshing to see a politician say "i just don't know but i'll look into it" rather than lying

    maybe there is hope afterall
  6. I hear ya.

    In his failure to report $75,000 in income from a rental villa at the beachfront Punta Cana Yacht Club, in the Dominican Republic.

    Mr. Rangel blamed the language barrier because he doesn't speak Spanish but was "looking into" taking a class in Spanish this semester.
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    She knows, she's in political denial about Acorn... Obama gave them 3 Billion dollars....... in the porculus package.. the guy knows how to do politics, do the outrageous stuff at the outset while people are still off balance from the election... I heard of a guy that beat his wife [not making this up, drug dealer culture is full of these stories, all true] immediately after the wedding, right outside the church in a side yard, and told her that he was the boss... same shit different arena...
  8. Of course she knows. ACORN and its street thugs are very important group to the left. Why do you think they funnel so much taxpayer money to them?

    Like the CIA lied to me story that blew up in her face, Pelosi is playing for time here, hoping the immediate storm blows over and she can quietly make this go away so that the taxpayers can be forced to continue to underwrite ACORN.
  9. guys like you are sad.

    Obama pulled the whole country out of the toilet, in effect saved the whole world's financial system if you will. brougt it back from the brink of a black hole.

    but you never stop the sniping , playing the politic card sad very sad :(
  10. Pass me the crack pipe!
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