Pelosi: HealthCare Creates 400K Jobs Immediately

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bone, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. bone

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  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    She is, by far, the dumbest Democrat I have ever seen short of Alvin Greene.
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    Apparently the democrats have switched their game plan from Demagoguing/class warfare, to flat out lying.
  4. Lucrum


    Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the health summit: "It's about jobs. In it's life, it [the health bill] will create 4 million jobs -- 400,000 jobs almost immediately."

    Nancy, you ignorant slut.
  5. 377OHMS


    What sort of society are we that elevates a woman like this to such a leadership position?

    Yeah, she is a cunt but who is it that is electing her? Those are the ones that need to be lined up against a wall.
  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    Its San Francisco....Sadly, Nancy Pelosi is the least of San Francisco's worries.
  7. Eight


    Those folks in SF must be medical geniuses though, in Jan 2008 there was news about flesh eating bacteria making the rounds in the Castro district but no news ever since! Great job guys and gals, you should share the cure with the rest of the world... no really, you did cure it didn't you?