Pelosi has a jet?

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  1. I didn't know that. Is it true, a paid for by the taxpayer private jet? Then fuck it, I could care less about this country and the economy. If they're not even going to attempt to sacrifice then why should I care. What does that dingbat Pelosi need a jet for that she can't go commercial or make phone calls. At some point you just say fuck it all and thats my point.
  2. sounds to me like you are talking about a revolution
  3. Crime will go up, which is code for revolution, but we have wanna be Pinkerton guard types to take care of that. Turning a blind eye to shame is just so easy for some people.
  4. Whoa Omega this is the first time in a long time we won't end up insulting each other.

    The jet definitely is a waste of tax payer money.

    How about we go a step further and agree that this stimulus package is a waste of tax payer money seeing that it costs tax payers about 23098320498 times more than the private jet...
  5. I'd be willing to bet her arguement for having a jet is exactly the same as GM execs. Productivity, security, etc.
  6. Her jet costs taxpayers approx $5.6 million per year.
  7. You just have to oversimplify everything don't you. Some of it is and some of it is neccessary. Some things should have been left to fail and some things should have a net under them. Famlies are important and they under no circumstances should find themselves out in the street ...even if it means taxing. I've always been a fiscal conservative but with a heart.
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    A third false rumor flying about is that Pelosi ordered up a 200-seat Air Force jet for her personal use and that she jets around in it routinely, while other Democrats scold Detroit auto makers for flying in their own private jets.

    That one has at least a mote of truth to it. Pelosi has used the Air Force equivalent of a Boeing 757 to fly between Washington, D.C., and her San Francisco district. But she has done so exactly once, when no smaller aircraft was available, according to Air Force spokesman Eric Sharman. At other times she flies in a much smaller, 12-seat executive jet, the same type used by her Republican predecessor, Dennis Hastert.

    As we pointed out in an Ask FactCheck item on Dec. 12, Hastert was given use of an Air Force C-20B for security reasons following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The speaker of the house is next in line after the vice president for presidential succession.

    When Pelosi became speaker, House Sergeant at Arms Bill Livingood (who was appointed by a Republican-led House) proposed using a larger jet that could make the transcontinental flight to her San Francisco district without refueling. This led to claims that Pelosi was demanding use of the Air Force C-32, normally used by the vice president and first lady. It is fitted out with a fully enclosed stateroom that includes a private lavatory, separate entertainment system and a convertible divan that seats three and folds out to a bed – a "flying Lincoln bedroom," in the words of Republican House Whip Roy Blunt.

    But the Pentagon told Pelosi that – while it would make "every effort ... to provide non-stop shuttle support" – it could not guarantee it. As things have worked out, both Pelosi's spokesman and the Air Force say the only time she's flown in the C-32 was when no smaller aircraft was available. She also uses commercial airlines when not traveling on official business, according to her spokesman Brendan Daly.

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    beat me to it....

  10. 4XQ, you work for FactCheck?

    Thats a nice website to add to my favorites. Everybody here should check in with that site.
    As it reads I still think she shouldn't have at her disposal an Air Force jet the fuel of which must cost 10x what first class airfare costs. Must not have been too long ago when congressman all flew commercial. Its a crisis even she must sacrifice or find other employment.
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