Pelosi: Extend The OBAMA Middle Class Tax Cuts

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  2. Rebranding: How to play dirty political tricks and win.

    Freshman level course:D
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    Pelosi is a third-rate hack and we'll be rid of her soon. A dark era in America.
  4. You guys somehow got everyone to think Obama did TARP.
    Classic case of dishing it out but not being able to take it.
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    Any educated person would be proud of TARP, it saved millions of jobs, thousands of businesses and willl end up turning a profit, or a maximum loss of 100 billion.

    Tarp cost 1 /10th the money, and saved 5 times the amount of jobs, plus it saved systemic collapse. Gee lets consider which one was the winner between TARP and the stimulus.....

    I dont like bailing out businesses by any stretch, but the fact is 1 program worked and the other 1 didnt.

    Businesses have the money to repay, government does not.

    In one program the money went up in smoke, for such fantastic programs as "teaching people to wash their penis" for a million dollars. Stimulus worksd awesome!

    A million dollars in TARP saved a business saved a bunch of legitimate private sector jobs and got paid back.

    Why is obama offended at taking credit for TARP?
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    Tom B

    Obama voted for TARP.
  7. ...and Paulson wrote it, and Boehner not only voted for it he shed tears pleading with his fellow Congressmen to pass it.
    Don't be a gullible fool.
    I consider Paulson to be completely culpable in the circumstances that lead up to the TARP, but at the moment it needed to be needed to be passed.
    Unless you have a very short memory or are an extremist (I realize this is the Internet and everyone wants to be an extremist because it's sooo coooool) you'd remember and realize this too.
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    Will the overwhelming majority of TARP be paid back, yes or no?
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    Did TARP work? Yes or No?
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    Huge distinction between the TARP and the Porkulus.

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