Pelosi expected to remain House Democrats' leader

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  1. House Democrats keep Nancy Pelosi as their leader
    WASHINGTON – House Democrats have re-elected Nancy Pelosi as their leader in the next Congress.

    The closed-door vote Wednesday will let the California congresswoman shift from House speaker to minority leader in January, despite concerns by some Democrats that the party needs new leadership after suffering huge midterm election losses.

    Pelosi has refused to take the blame and pinned party's losses on stubbornly high unemployment.

    Democrats also quelled a power struggle between lieutenants Steny Hoyer of Maryland and James Clyburn of South Carolina, who vied to be Pelosi's second-in-command. Hoyer was poised to be the Democrats' vote-counting whip, and Clyburn will serve in a newly created position as the House's No. 3 Democrat.
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    It is hard to say whether or not this is a good or bad thing for democrats, on the one hand, she will remain the human shield for all of the shit which gets flung towards the democrats. On the other hand she is a total disaster with one of the lowest approval ratings i have ever seen by a politician. If she ends up being cannon fodder for the dems it might help them, but if people continue to tie her, and democrats into the current disaster they will be in deep trouble come 2012.
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    I'm glad she is staying.

    The Obama-Reid-Pelosi triumvirate remains intact!

    Really, the clueless bitch could care less what the voters think or do. Its all about Nancy.