Pelosi blowing it for Obama single handedly

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  1. I'm crossing party lines here but what a letdown. Seems the privileged donors for Obama were being pampered, the Pelosi 100 I guess they're called, and the hotel jackboots roughed up a reporter and arrested him for trying to out Pelosi's puppies. I thought Pelosi was a loose cannon when her squeeze toy the Dalai Lama was gettiing his toes stepped on before the Olympics.
  2. How can we properly thank her?

    It has been a marvelous two years she and that worm from Nevada have fostered upon us. If you weren't going to be any better than the other guys, if you were going to lie, cheat, steal, like the other guys, why go through the expense of an election?
  3. I cant stand some of these cock sucking cops.

    Although the reporter was certainly a cocky prick..

    perhaps he was blocking the entrance and the cop repeatedly told him to move which he didn't. maybe all he had to do was move a bit to the side or something...

    this is a tough one because the video is chopped and doesn't show what happened before the cop started harassing him.
  4. The cop with the cigar that had his hands on the throat of the reporter must pose in front of the mirror every time he puts on the uniform. If you're in it for the movie star image you need then don't be a cop and don't have children. That guy was not a threat that needed to be dealt with like that. Its not the WWF.

  5. Pelosi gets angry at this reporter when she explains her view of the minimum wage. If all reporters would ask questions like this, the sheeple would get the truth.
  6. Must be Karl Rove at it again. He personally hacked the polls showing Nancy and Co. having worse numbers than W.
  7. Interesting. The interviewer was almost Borat. Managers and apparantly politicians do everything they can to keep their cost centers to where their accountants can squeeze what they save on labor towards bonuses at the top -- internships, temporary workers, salaried overtime, underpaying the handicapped etc. You can talk all you want about internships being to the advantage of the student but its just transparent and shameless.

  8. We could all save a lot of money, time and resources by moving from politicians and into a e-democracy properly structured to let us vote and entrust votes with anyone we chose on specific topics.

    With all the technology available to us today - do we really need manual labour like news organisations or politicians? Can't we just make up our own minds, and even change our minds AND change the direction of political decisions at our own choosing?

    It would be so much easier and reassuring. A known model and open system is something we can trust - because we can always verify it and have public scrutiny, even participate to change it. That is not the case with politicians or news organisations, because they are locked into place for a prolonged period of time - and then lie through their teeth to get re-elected.

  9. Looks to me the faggot reporter was trespassing on private property. The camera man and the faggot were clearly blocking the entrance.

    This faggot was looking for sensationalism, not journalism. Goes to show why the american press is a joke anyway.

    Good journalist would have no trouble getting in and getting the info he wants if he lays low. This faggot was trying to pull a fox-type b.s. sensationalist reporting opinion-as-fact hoisted onto the ignorant voters.
  10. that is pretty funny, obviously Pelosi can get cheap and even free labor from the school system but she would never allow MacDonalds to do that....... it's a joke, all these rich liberals, they made that much money helping the little guy? I don't think so... many of them make their fortunes after they get in office...... Feinstein was sending nice contracts to her husband's company, it didn't make the news that much, if it was a Republican the news would still be reverberating.....
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