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    I don't know which part wasn't clear, so I just repeat the answer, on and off since 2005. By the way, my prediction's probability to get fulfilled has nothing to do if I bet on it or not. But let's wait until the 10th (or at least the 5th) call, before we start to throw out judgements, shall we?
    If I had 8 bad calls out of 10, it won't matter if I had money behind them or not, agree?
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  2. Judge not.. lest ye be judged!

    I respect anyone that has the courage to put a live call out there.. & then stand by it....regardless of performance!
    So don`t worry about that, whatsoever... so good luck.

    I remember you stating in posts that you did not trade real capital going back a few years.. that`s all... it actually does have a profound affect on ones trading. fyi

    Regardless, looking forward to it & I commend you for putting it out there. GL
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  3. Pekelo,
    thank you for clarifying things.
    Looking forward to your analysis and predictions.
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    That was probably one of those off years. As mentioned in the OP, there are only 2 relevant questions for any reader of the PPP:

    1. Is this guy as good as he thinks he is?
    2. If so, how can I profit from it?

    Everything else is baloney... :)

    Well, it looks like the down move finally started, so anyone holding short should be in the money.
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  5. Got a question for the trading aspect of it, if you wish to answer it.

    Why the choice of a conservative spread ? You are expecting a "way more drop" and only a 2 week window..a capped small profit & volatility neutralised spread would be the last of my choice.
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    Because it looks like nothing is taking down this market, see the price action yesterday. But a vertical spread still makes you money even if you are only partially right. I also have my futures account ready so I can jump on the fall anytime, there is no reason to get chopped up in the maintime.

    Seriously, I have never seen such a relentless bull action like in the last 2 months. Any move to the South gets bought up almost right away. No strategy is needed, just buy and hold... After yesterday, I guess there is a good chance my prediction won't work out, but let's just stick to it...
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    Didn't quite make it but got within 7 points of doing so.
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  8. I think the 4th quart will be good,
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    Made it 2525 the next trading session on 10-02. Now around 2537
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    Nearly 2551 today. Just keeps making new highs.
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