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    Of course you are wrong, and the difference could be called balls or opportunity, among other things. Bitcoin is a very easily predictable instrument but I never bothered to make a bitcoin trading account. Or sport bets. I could be excellent at picking winners but never cared to set up a Las Vegas account.

    Or I might don't have the balls and don't dare to put enough money behind a conviction that would make a meaningful profit. I personally think balls count more than talent, but this could be different for everyone.

    If you don't like the journal, no offense taken, just move on. Here, I give you something before you go:



    The usefulness of this journal is not for me, but for the reader, and how much one believes in my calls.
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  2. the...gelatin. There are the Gelatin. Monsters in the Gelatin."

    This scene is like readers and followers of trade journals and trading advices.

    Reindeer Games, 2000 movie...alot of people, or traders and investors, were very angry during this year and era.
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    "These pretzels are making me thirsty". :D
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    I am not going to make this an official prediction but I expect today's FOMC meeting to be the catalyst and starting the downmove. It might give a headfake first and a rally of 5-10 points, reversing later on.

    There is also a dragon formation on the SPX and the math gives 2445+75=2520 as a top, but if we tank right from here, that would be already fine by it, after all we already did 2510, and that is close enough... This is not exactly true science...
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    Could you please post charts with your predictions? They are a better historical record and easier to follow.
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  7. Just to clarify things here will you be putting money at risk for each of your predictions?
    If yes, can you then mention which predictions lead to a loss?

    Out of curiosity, how long have you traded live?
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    1. Depends on what I predict. With Bitcoin, no, because I don't have a bitcoin account. With this current one I sold Oct vertical calls on SPY and if it ticks up to 2520, I would sell more.
    2. I guess I could.
    3. I have been an ET member since 2005, so on and off since then...
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    Alright, because you asked me so nice. Here are 2 charts, the first one is the weekly showing price hitting the upper BB line and last week was a Doji. I put a dark spot on the SMA line, the minimum pullback of expected price, around 1460.

    The second chart is my dragon formation showing up on the daily chart. Some people get a headache here if I mention it, but I wrote a thread about it, like 8 or 10 years ago, I think. I don't control the dragon I just describe it.

    A and C are the doubletop. The height is A-B what was 75 points. So the prediction is counted from the Failure (D) what was at 2445, so E, the new top should be 2445+75=2520

    In formula: E= AB + D
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  10. [QUOTE
    3. I have been an ET member since 2005, so on and off since then...[/QUOTE]

    I think the OP wanted to know how long you`ve been trading "live"?

    Always appreciate your input here as you have been here just as long as I have with some good offerings.... However, I don`t believe you never traded real capital/ money... which was self professed, which if fine... but that really changes the variables when you actually have a little foreskin in the game... That said, how long have you been trading your actual capital?... I know as of 2012, you`d mentioned that you do NOT trade your capital.
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