Pekelo = Baron ??!!!

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  1. I have noted some unusual correlations that have led me to the conclusion that there is a strong potential that PEKELO is none other than an alias of our beloved leader BARON.

    Any thoughts of this possibility?

  2. Oh God! The Summer Doldrums are only gonna get worse. :eek: :p
  3. I can usually spot an alias from a mile away and have never seen any correlations that support your hypothesis
  4. Have you learned to spell "particularly" yet? It's a dead giveaway :D

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    Besides, I've seen both their photos.
  6. Pekelo


    That was some slow investigation. Took you 7 years to figure it out... :)

    Oh yes, I also died 2 years ago:

    But don't be sad, just buy my Ukulele method in the main time:

    I swear time goes much faster while you are waiting for a trading set up if you play the ukulele!
  7. Pekelo

    7-24-06 11:04 AM

    [Quote from krazykarl: my opinion is that you are wrong;]

    Guys, give it a rest. Stock777 nailed it, end of story. Dow is up 140 points in 90 mins.
    Once you are wrong, it takes a man to acknowledge it. Grow up and congratulate Stock777 on the good call...


    A blast from the past, when I used to share my world class insight. Don't feel badly, they are no more capable of appreciation on twitter than they are here.
  8. I hold Pekerloaf in the same regard as a Chinese National back in Korea, while the Chief is a sweetheart of a fella. Wrong again Surf.

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    Smurf has lost so much money recently, I think he's losing his mind.
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