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  1. There is absolutely no question that the most virulent homophobes are usually men who have latent (or not so latent) homosexual desires and do not know how to handle it.

    peil is undoubtedly a latent homosexual. In fact, it's likely that his inability to deal with his homosexuality is what drove him to the religious fanaticism in the first place, in a pathetic attempt at expiation.

    There are a few members here who have distinguished themselves as being the worst of their breed. Some are long gone. A few (including one very notable member who seems to need this place like the rest of us need air), are still here. I can say honestly that I have seen no better example of sheer bloody-minded ignorance and stupidity than peil. He's recognized as being probably the least intelligent member we've ever seen. It would be impossible to start listing all the idiotic things he has said on here. Just to cite the most recent example, he said that the HIV virus is commonly transmitted when one person sneezes on another. He has also called AIDS 'God's curse on homosexuals'. The difference between him and some of the others is that he actually believes all of it.
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    One of my favorites was his call to stop giving money to Haiti

    Peil is an easy target. No need to vilify the poor guy with a dedicated thread.
  3. I guess it says something good about you that you would feel this way, but I disagree wholeheartedly. Maniacs like this need to be constantly shoved into the spotlight so that people can understand just how low some people can sink. We need to understand that there are people that think this way, so that we can show our kids what they are and teach them to fight against this kind of thinking with everything they have. The good thing about people like peil is that he will tend to unite otherwise disparate elements on the right and left. We can all get behind a condemnation of the kind of idiotic pronouncements that come out of this moron.

    By the way, did you know that the earth is 6345 years old? Literally? In fact, the known Universe is that old. 6345 years. Get it? Does that give you some idea of the kind of mind we are dealing with here?

    You have to still your mind to truly grasp the almost inconceivable fact that the imbecile peil actually believes this to be literally true.

  4. Hmm.

    Very interesting how you move right from positing that virulent homophobes are latent homosexuals to a virulent attack on Christianity.

    There just may be some good in you somewhere after all.
  5. He didn't attack Christianity at all.

    He's just going after one of the silliest aspects of some creationist theories. There is a difference.
  6. Attack on Christianity? Are you suggesting that anything other than an idiot super-minority of Christians believe that the Universe is 6345 years old? Your comment is an insult to moderate Christians. The semi-literate fanatics on these boards don't represent them.

    You may not like the fact of the correlation between virulent homophobia and religious fanaticism, but that's your problem. You may not like the fact of the correlation between religious fanaticism and moral failure, but that would also be your problem. peil believes the earth is 6345 years old. He believes that he can be infected with HIV if a homosexual sneezes near him and that AIDS is god's curse on homosexuals. Sorry, those are the facts.
  7. A whole thread dedicated to me! I'm flattered that you take the time to dig through my previous posts because you think about me so much.

    I have to say its kind of hypocritical that you tolerate homosexuals but dont tolerate me. You tolerate them telling you whats right and wrong, but dont tolerate me telling you.

    I also think you know deep down that homosexuality is wrong. Thats why some of you use homosexuality as an attack against me. You know its disgusting, so you call me one of them. If homosexuality was something normal and nothing to be ashamed of, you wouldnt call me that because it wouldnt be an insult.

    You give yourselves away easily in your words.

    For those of you that wonder why I bring these topics of homosexuality up so much is because its in the news so much. I dont really have to bring up how wrong it is for other sins because most of you agree with it. Example: You all know incest is wrong, so need to talk about that. You all know that murder is wrong, so no need to talk about that.

    Its really odd that many of you think that if someone is against something that they are really for it.
  8. Its amazing that if one person says I said something...It automatically becomes a "fact". Here is the actual link of what was said. No mention of sneezing. If you are going to use something against me, please dont lie, ok traderNik? Otherwise you just expose yourself as a non-credible source of information. (a big fat liar)
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    Mr. Bible Thumper, you really shouldn't go down this road.
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