Peils Free Trading System

Discussion in 'Trading' started by peilthetraveler, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Dont try to learn from the best...try to learn from the worst!

    Here is a nearly 100% guaranteed way to make money. Find some guy that has been wanting to trade for a long time but never has...he must be a guy that has read all the technical analysis books and thinks he has a "system" (being overconfident is a plus) Give this guy a little bit of cash to trade with, but under the condition that he has to be sitting next to you when he makes his trades so you can see what he is doing.

    Everytime he makes a trade, go on the opposite end with at least triple the shares he trades. When he buys, you sell. When he sells, you buy. Since all new traders lose money, how can this system lose?

    This trader will most likely let his losers run and his winners get cut short, forcing you to cut your losses short and letting your winners run. No guesswork anymore!

    Now you can all go out and be millionaires like me!
  2. This joke is not that funny
  3. Who said it was a joke?:p
  4. This concept has been posted dozens of times on ET, it's nothing new. Good luck in your quest fo success.
  5. Well, don't forget beginners luck effect. it can kill your hopes.
  6. A profitable black box setup will never be this simple!!