Peggy Noonan: Thank goodness for Mitt Romney

Discussion in 'Politics' started by exGOPer, Nov 18, 2012.

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    "Thank goodness... for Mitt Romney, who in a conference call with donors said he got beat and beat bad, that his campaign was lacking, that his gut on the big issues was probably off, that he shouldn't have allowed his campaign to become (in the grandiose, faux-macho lingo of campaign...) an air war and not a ground war, and that they were smoked in get-out-the-vote. He added, with an eye to concerns larger than his own, that he wanted to help the party analyze and define what didn't work in 2012 so it would be stronger in 2016. Sorry. Kidding! He didn't say that."
  2. The drums are beating, the socials have got to go.:)
  3. I know you guys are worried about Obama and how bad he will mess up.
    So please keep your focus on Romney to help you defer your pain.
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  6. As a guy who majored in History I have to admit that the odds of Obama having major problems in his second term are high :(