Peek Oil? Don't bother changing your engine oil:

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  1. Not likely. The Gummint has never promised to tell the truth nor has been required to do so.
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  2. Ford Probe engine died at 110K, Ford TBird engine died at 91K, Pontiac Bonneville engine died at 140K. All had engine oil changed at < 5,000 mile intervals.

    American car engines do not last. Now if you are talking Toyota or Honda, maybe 250K. I will no longer buy anything BUT a Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Acura. maybe an Audi...
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  3. Audi has been sometimes crappy about warranty in recent years. I swapped my A6 for an Infiniti M35x.
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  4. Exactly. So why is everyone surprised when the people that are in bed with the govt are giving false info (to their benefit)? What a shocker!

    Point being...change your friggin oil and stop buying the damned SUV's. This topic is equivalent to putting a band aid on a severed leg.
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  5. If lobbyists hadn't bought Congress off to classify SUVs as "trucks" so that their MPG wouldn't count in the fleet average, we wouldn't have all these SUVs on the road now.

    Our government leaders are SUCH whores.
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  6. Don't get me started...
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  7. I owned a 91 jeep wrangler v6. Got tired of it after 120k miles and wanted a new car so I stopped taking care of it all together.

    Everyday I got it in hoping it would die....and it took another year.

    It ran another 70k(give or so a few 100) miles without an oil change...then the rods blew a hole in the pan while driving 70mph....lololol..there was a 100 yard trail of flames behind me!

    THEN, when my buddy brought the trailer out to come and get me..the fucker started up and I drove it on. UNREAL..
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  8. This thread worries me... it makes me not want to buy a used car anymore if America thinks you don't need to change your oil haha.

    Seriously, its best to follow the manufacturers recommendations. Over the past decade, car companies have been pushing to get their vehicles to be as close to "zero maintenance" as possible. You don't see "Fuel Filter" or "PCV Valve" replacement on the maintenance schedule anymore, despite being wise things to do, because they want to make these cars as hassle-free as possible. Think about the stuff you HAVE to do to your car now - brakes every 30k, belts every 90k, and oil... its almost nothing. If changing your oil every 5k is recommended, theres a damn good reason for it. And for $25 for an oil change, why not?
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  9. This country used to be by the ppl and for the ppp. Now it's just pimping and pandering to every freakin' special interest and corp lobbyist. I am talking about all of them tree huggers, religious zealots, and corp. whores and all.

    Don't get me started. When Bush said he was giving tax write-offs to those that bought vehicles with gross weight of over 6200 lbs. I couldn't believe it. We were clearing going into a major oil/ price crisis and you encourage ppl. to buy gas guzzlers? WTF?:confused:

    Now they own them and we are stuck between a rock and hardplace. The House of Saud can squeeze us slow, hard, and dry like they are.

    Here's a simple idea. How about giving tax credits only to those whom benefit America and conserve energy. Hire Americans or those that are here legally. Get caught hiring illegals more than once and lose your tax credits. Want to outsource to India. Fine no tax credits. Want to invest in biofuels, big tax credit. Want to buy a Mercedes that runs regular petro, no tax credit. Not made in America, HQ out of the US, expensive car you don't need the tax break, you are freakin' rich anyway.

    Now in small defense of the government the do offer tax write-offs for solar, hybrid cars, and other forms of energy conservation, but it needs to be greater. Frankly I have looked hard a hybrids and the ROI doesn't make sense unless you drive a whole lot, which most day traders don't. Ppl in Brazil don't care about Mid East Oil there are independent of it.

    Ok off my soapbox and back to the screens. :p NY lunch time, time for a break. Enough of my ranting. :D
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  10. Are you kidding me? I read an article not too long ago...think it was Popular Mechanics...some dude was converting used cooking oil into bio-fuel for his farming equipment and an old station wagon. About $60 a gallon and no harmful emmissions.

    This guy is as American as you can get. Hard-working farmer minding his own business and trying to put food on his table as well as on others without being crippled by ever soaring gas prices. The guy made the local news for his ingenuity. Next thing you know, the IRS is all over his ass looking for tax revenues. The IRS viewed him as a REFINERY?!?!?

    It's obvious that the energy issue is not a priority to the govt if the IRS is out trying to penalize those that are trying to become independent of oil.

    So next time you hear Bush (or any politian) talking about energy independence on TV, write him an I.O.U. for a big "fuck you".

    Same goes for the CEO of gas companies that go on Good Morning America (Chevron) saying that they have placed an incredible $100M in R&D into alternative fuels since the beginning of fucking time. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!! You made $40 Fukillion last quarter.

    Now I must go meditate...
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