Peek Oil? Don't bother changing your engine oil:

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    It funny because I just saw a commercial for mobil engine oil in which they had bragged that they filled a bunch of land rover SUVs with mobil engine oil then went on a trip all over north and south america. They then said that even after 55k miles without an oil change they examined the engine and found no engine damage. Towards the end of the commercial they bragged further that the SUVs when on for another 200k miles without an oil change.

    So all this 3 month-3k mile oil change business was just a scam all along.
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    Might think about changing the oil filter at least though. I wonder how far they can last.
  3. Now that I think about it - I've never heard of anyone needing an engine replaced for any reason. Its probably the most durable part of the car. Without any oil changes an engine can probably last 250k, with regular oil changes maybe 500k - but who wants a car to last that long anyway? It usually turns into a money pit by that many miles.
    Can someone smell a class action lawsuit coming against the automakers for creating the oil change every 3month/3k hysteria. How many billions have consumers lost to needless oil changes?
  4. The 3month/3k used to be more accurate years ago before synthetics and better engines. IF you drive around a city like ny, you'll probably be changing the oil before 3,000 miles. But yes 3k is too conservative for most drivers.
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    Audi has been recommending 10,000 miles, and they don't even use synthetic. I've heard tell of 20,000 miles in Europe.
  6. 3k is too conservative is a huge understatement. Mobil just rolled out an ad where it has SUVs going up and down the Americas for 250k miles on some of the roughest terrain without a single oil change!
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    Amsoil, the original synthetic, once ran a diesel truck 419,000 without an oil change.
  8. I use this oil in a Lexus I have. I started using it in the early 90's when I owned German Cars. Its overkill and when I trade in the car I have I will probably just use whatever the dealership uses.

    They suggest changing this oil every 35k miles under normal service.

  9. So instead of wasting precious oil on oil changes, they can now use it to fuel large SUVs to travel up and down America, for the purpose of seeing how much oil we can save...
  10. Usually synthetic oil doesn't need to be changed because of the mileage, but bc of the crap that leaches into it - which depends more on the engine/driving habits.

    If you dont keep cars very long it probably wont matter
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