Pedophilia out of control in Liberal Hollywood 2

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bigarrow, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. I stand corrected after doing some research it is true that there are movies about Pedophilia that could be assumed to be in support of Pedophilia.

    But what was more shocking to me after doing some research on the rampant Hollywood brainwashing was that they are supporting aliens.
    No not Mexicans but extraterrestrials.

    Proof I found, the Abyss, Star Trek, Predator, not only this but the brainwashing of America to accept aliens is disguised as comedy also, such as, Men in Black, Ghost Busters and even on TV with programs such as Mork and Mindy which are used to influence out children.

    There are hundreds of other examples of this, I don't know if it's too late to stop the damage from Hollywood but we have to do something before it's too late.
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    You could have stopped typing right there.
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    Not funny.

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