Pearl Harbor Was No Surprise

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  1. True history is not served if all that is remembered about December 7 is that it is the 61st anniversary of Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. On that day America lost 18 naval vessels including eight battleships, 188 airplanes, over 2,000 servicemen — and its innocence about government lies, coverups, and deceit.

    Hundred of books have been written about that fateful day, and yet only a few have dared to expose the whole story. And for the most part, those titles and authors remain unknown even today. A major first effort to understand the relevance of the attack on Hawaii in light of world history was undertaken by Harry Elmer Barnes in his magnum opus Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace. In his piecing together of history to build his conclusion that Roosevelt knew the attack was coming, Barnes quoted Eleanor Roosevelt on the day after the attack: “They hit us harder than we expected.” John Toland wrote in his The Rising Sun about the alleged “mistake” that led to the attack on Pearl. James Perloff’s The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline, published in 1988 and updated in 2002, explained the goals and methodology of the men and organizations pulling the strings of political power gave the serious student of history the background needed to understand the final and most complete summary of what happened in December of 1941: Robert B. Stinnett’s The Day of Deceit.
  2. I think you would be better served spending your time actually learning, say, how the gold standard worked.
    You were the guy wondering whether there would be an FX market under a gold standard. That was a pretty stunning display of raw ignorance. Try learning something other than the standard far far far right-wing BS. It would do you good.
  3. "In his piecing together of history to build his conclusion that Roosevelt knew the attack was coming, "

    I'm glad you brought that up.

    How ordinary.

    A conspiracy theory.

    911, most recently.

    Someone should write a book on conspiracies throughout history.

    Sumbody knows Sumpin.
  4. World leaders know what is coming. They have insider's information. But they keep quiet for some reasons.

    Either they do not want to scare people or they are frozen with fear and could not react.
  5. What side of the aisle does the Truth sit on?

    Theres plenty of "Big Bad" to go around. I'd submit "Dealing With The Enemy" to round out your perspectives.
  6. I'd read a conspiracy regarding Stalin. He knew Germany was going to attack. For politcal or whatever reasons, he didn't react.

    Regarding insiders information. The book "740 Park Ave" (The worlds richest apartment building located in NY) I was quite surprised to read about how the wealthy had very good sources of information regarding the war and most world events. Classified info discussed over dinner.