PEAK6 trader to buy NHL team

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by TraDaToR, Oct 12, 2010.

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  2. Cool. :cool:
  3. When traders do stuff away from careful. Besides, the NHL has too many teams anyway. That guy deserves to lose a lot of money while attempting to hold onto his lost youth. We'll see how it "plays" out. :(
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    I agree. Unless you get free money from let's say Yahoo for your worthless website like Mark Cuban, millionaires shouldn't buy sports teams. They should stick to what they know...
  5. what a massive shite show the nhl is. it's a bigger short than subprime. they fought jim balsille tooth and nail so he wouldn't move the team to hamilton, where there would be a sell out everynight, so they can keep it in phoenix where no one even knows what hockey is.
  6. You are correct. The NHL and hockey in general is a religion in Canada. Sold out arenas, ridiculous merchandise sales etc. Gary Bettman (the AMERICAN commissioner) is ruining the league by not relocating some of the shitty southern USA teams to Canadian cities. A Canadian city half the size will make twice the profit for owners.

    Winnipeg, Hamilton, Quebec City are all cities that are ready, willing, and able to support NHL teams, which I'm confident would do quite well. The only reason Canada lost Winnipeg and Quebec City in the past is because the CAD was ~$0.60 to the USD. At par, they can more than compete.