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  1. I will offer a few hopefully helpful observations on the look-and-feel (not to say shock-and-awe) of the software as represented on the promoter's website. My betters are encouraged to disagree with my wholly aesthetic remarks. I would comment on techinical details, but those are only available by registering with the promoter. Which as a matter of principle I never do. Look at Easy-Signal. All is revealed on their website. Now look at PTP. 'Nuff said.
  2. With reference to:

    "Peak Trader Pro will teach the skills to effectively trade under both calm and turbulent market conditions." This is a hopeful beginning, because it suggests that the SW makes a binary distinction between two market states. I look forward to learning the quantitative nature of that distinction. Which, BTW, I heartily agree with. One trades in turbulence, and stands aside in calm.
  3. "Once obtaining a certain level of expertise, you will begin to see the opportunities that this methodology offers to you."

    Troublesome. I do not seek opportunities. I seek profits. Opportunities abound. Profits are rarer.
  4. "As you progress through the learning curve of this software, the Peak Trading Group professional staff can help you to understand and utilize these tools successfully."

    Learning curve? Hmmm? WTF would I be paying for? To learn? I want TRADING CALLS. One does not need much training to learn good tools. How long did it take me to learn how to use a hammer? Now quantum mechanics, that took a semester. What am I commiting to here in terms of time. And what is the trading track record of those "professionals" who will "help" me?
  5. The home page shows two screens. Is it a two-screen system? Do I HAVE to buy a second screen? My home-grown system is a model of simplicity. Buy. Sell. Short. Cover. Feel comfortable going to take a piss. I am having trouble seeing that on those two screens.
  6. "Peak Trader Pro widens the scope of opportunity and increases the traders knowledge for building wealth. Our software package provides all of the necessary tools that are essential in successfully applying this methodology to your everyday trading. The relationship between all indicators provided in the software will allow individuals to forecast market action with unsurpassed confidence."

    Numbers, please? What is "unsurpassed"? My backtesting software does not offer me that statistical interpretation of the confidence I should have in my system's profit expectancy.
  7. John Doaks, you are too funny. Have you ever considered stand up comedy as a hobby or second profession? Keep up the hilarious work.
  8. "Manual providing the step by step process towards obtaining the key insights to trading this methodology'

    Post a link for it, please. Don't make me beg. Easy-Signal's is on-line for all to see. Or are we still thinking about how best quantitatively to represent ambiguity?
  9. "Ability to annotate (draw) channel trend lines on both price and volume readings"

    Does the SW auto-draw channels, or does it not? My grease pencil costs 79 cents.

    "Channels, in combination with volume sequences, will give the trader a better opportunity to identify the underlying trend."

    Opportunity again. What are "volume sequences"? Are those "guasians"? And is the underlying trend different from the one I see with Mark-I eyeball? Is there an "overlying" trend?
  10. "DOM Wall"

    I am missing the indicator that screams "GTFI" or "GTFO".
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