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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by paulus, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. paulus



    has anyone studied K Van Tharp's Peak Performance Course
    i.e. the psychology aspects of trading ?
    was it worth the investment (time & money)? please comment !

    kind regards,
  2. Hello,

    I have both the Home Study version, & attended the 3 day seminar. I can say with no hesitation it was VERY Beneficial! If you're serious about finding out about yourself, & willing to be HONEST, it'll be $$ well spent.

    The Nice thing about the Home Study version is , if you're really serious, you can do it again a yr. later, or as often as necessary till you're where you want to be. To see the areas you've improved upon, & those that may still need some work.

    I'm sure you'll find varying opinions, however the key is to do it all if you commit. The areas that you seem most hesitant to do, or believe you don't need to work on as much, are the ones you will need to address the most.

    I will admit my bias is towards Vans work, as I personally got to know about his work, & know him through his son Robert a few yrs. ago. I beleive the time & research he's done to assist others in improving their trading is only scratching the surface, compared to the lifestyle changes that may occur by applying the knowledge in other aspects of ones life. It's based upon a trading premise, but goes much deeper IMHO!

    Take Care & God Bless! Kelly
  3. paulus


    thanks kelly !

    very useful comments;

    is it possible to do all the exercises by yourself or do you need
    assistance ? can you also elaborate a bit on the live-seminar ?

  4. Paulus,

    The home study is all about you, & requires only yourself. The 3 day seminar or course, goes more in depth, & is very hands ons. @ times we broke into small groups, or with partner & went through some of the exercises.

    He also had some people come forward & went through some specific area the person chose, & helped them work through it. You'll find more info. here or by calling. Each course offers a money back gurantee, just follow the instructions.

    I hope this helps, & I wish you well in whatever decision you choose.

    Take Care & God Bless! Kelly
  5. paulus



    could you explain a bit in detail how it helped you in your trading;
    is it possible to give us some examples ?
    in the meantime, i am considering seriously to take the seminar,
    supposing working on yourself, all by yourself is rather difficult ?!

    note : a serious investment - i am living in belgium (airplane,
    hotel, course etc ... would like to be well informed;
    / started trading > 1 year ago;