Peak Oil for Real?????

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Peak Oil, how real is it?

  1. Just BS.

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  2. It's true but no where in the near future will it take place.

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  3. True, and we will reach peak oil within few years, maximum 5 years.

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  4. It has already happened but few have come to believe this fact.

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  5. It is true but will have a small negetive effect on the world economy.

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  6. Who gives.

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  7. It's for real, but we will come up with alternative energy sources before oil peaks.

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  1. I don't want to split hairs with you, but I never said, not once, that we use 80 million barrels per day. Maybe someone else said 80 million.

    I said we currently use 68 million, based on that source I linked to, which is a 2006 June report.

    #21     Mar 11, 2007
  2. Pekelo


    With EIA data to the end of 2006 now available, here are the key figures and comparison to 2005:

    Crude Oil and Condensate: 73.5 Mb/d (down 0.2)
    Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs): 7.9 Mb/d (up 0.14)
    Other Liquids: 3.3 Mb/d (up 0.08)
    Total Liquids: 84.6 Mb/d (up an insignificant 0.02)
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  3. Schizo321


    Humans wondering if fossil fuels will run out is like yeast wondering if the sugar will run out.
    #23     Mar 21, 2007