Peak Oil Doom and Gloom, or maybe not...

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    The key though, says Kulcinski, will be developing a fusion reactor, which he says could be done within 15 to 20 years, in tandem with a program to establish a permanent human presence on the moon. Just four tons of helium-3 would be enough to supply all the power needs for the United States for a year, two shuttle payloads according to Kulcinski

    This is the essential problem with the doom and gloomers, they have no faith in human ingenuity.
  2. You are speaking of highly theoretical and undeveloped technologies at this point in time. In addition, ³He is highly unstable and actually very scarce on the lunar surface. Any mechanical disturbance releases the gas making transport problematic.

    This is often the main problem with dreamy eyed optimists, too much faith in human ingenuity.

    It's time to work on proven techniques and renewable resources. So pass the beans and let's get working on developing those methane reserves.

  3. Why do you think China, India, Russia and the US are going back to the moon?

    We will not use Oil for primary power within 30 years. The Arabs are screwed and they know it.

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    I never understood why someone telling a physical FACT is considered doom and gloomer. On the other hand your fusion magic cube in 15-20 years is probably gonna be TOO LATE. (of course it never gonna happen, but dream on)

    And one reason why we need such a magical replacement of crude oil, because it HAS already PEAKED!!!
  5. not to worry gentlemen, the bird flu will kill a chunk of you before any of this happens!:D :D :D
  6. That's easy! Because once we get finished with our scorched earth policy the moon is going to look like a lush tropical paradise.
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    If it isn't fusion and the H3 it will be something else. Necessity is the mother of invention and once oil gets too expensive you will be amazed at how fast alternatives arise. The self selected doom and gloomers might want to read a bit of history, maybe it will help them sleep better at night and they won't wake up so cranky :D
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    Horses and walking worked just fine for centuries... :)

    By the way peak oilers (which you also acknlowledge by indicating the needs for alternatives) are not necessery the same as doom and gloomers about energy....

    And there is also politics...Hey, we had the electric car back in the 1990s. I just watched Futurecar yesterday, they had an electric sporscar that hit 60 faster than any Porsche or Lamborghini...
  10. Are we passing out tin foil hats in this thread?
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