Peak Gold

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  1. some links that provide some info about the production/supply/demand scenario being
    accentuated and affected by the current price of gold

    China surprisingly is the world's largest producer but, although the state buys at world
    prices, gold remains in the country - no outside sales, production is many small mines
    and international companies can't mine there

    'Peak Oil and Peak Gold' by Roland Watson - April 23/06:
    the chart link he provides is to the World Gold Council site - couldn't find the map but
    the video 'Gold - The Supply Side' is recent; the site has a lot of current data, reports
    and studies:

    'Peak Gold, Easier to Model than Peak Oil ? - Part I' by Luis de Sousa - Nov 25/09
    has a lot of charts:

    'Barrick shuts hedge book as world gold supply runs out' Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Nov 11/09

    the current estimated per ounce production cost of gold is $500