Peak Fish

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  1. It's happening right now.

    There is very strong empirical data that fish populations have been now decimated so badly that it will be hard to intervene and alter the decline in many of the most popular (and necessary) species.

    Blue fin tuna is nearly extinct. Cod is decimated. Salmon are in decline. Garden variety tuna stocks are also in steep decline.
  2. True, but there's heaps of whale for the time being.

    What your saying seems to be backed up-farmed fish are highly susceptible to disease, and come nowhere near meeting overall demand.

    Thing is, there are no fish futures, how do you play it? Fishermen go bust when the prices are to low, or there's no fish-but wouldn't processors just jump price through the roof and make a packet regardless?
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    Forget about trying to play peak fish, just be aware of what is happening. Peak oil, entitlements, resource depletion, etc. All these things are happening right now and will have a life changing impact on us. ftw
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    i just hope someone invents replicators soon
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    Thanks,Bylo Sell-slow;
    Yes & no ,
    on Salmon, theyre doing much better in Alaska:cool:

    Praying about it;
    salmon keys are
    [a] habitat,
    [d] dams are not the problem ,evcen though greenpeace crooks claim otherwise.

    I would like to see the tuna population on an all data chart;
    instead of eco-crooks comments like greenpeace, [who are not peaceful]

    I am concerned about this, maybe a tuna downtrend;
    wildlife is one of the few hobbys i have.

    Fish is brain food;
    thanks again for your brainy thoughts.

    USA Bluegill/bream populations are on huge uptrends;
    overpoppulation is the bigTREND challenge here,cool.:cool:
  6. Bylow-sell Slow;
    Help me continue to moniter the situation.

    Alreading seen a good trend change in wild quail.....................................Uptrending again some.

    I used 7-8 pages of GOOG info as my source, personal wisdom, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency;
    77-88 pages would be better, working on it.

    murray TT:cool:
  7. I agree that certain environmental organizations manipulate data, and others are outright radical in their proposed solutions to what is a VERY REAL problem.

    Should anyone let that (irrelevant) fact delay the crafting of a real and effective solution to address crashing stocks of some of the word's most important fish species, upon which many humans rely on to obtain essential protein and nutrients (and that support many critical industries and incomes)?

    We need to quit treating the world's oceans as receptacles of toxic waste, we need to halt particular methods of altering waterways and tributaries that decimate fish stocks, and we need to realize that restoring a healthy balance to our ecology, including minimizing the very pollution and overfishing that is also decimating fish stocks.

    More of the world's population obtains it's protein from fish than any other animal based protein.

    Whether the fish are in decline or polluted with heavy metal contaminants, the human race is placed in peril.
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    a] All mostly agree the mercury in tuna is mostly a threat to pregnant women, women who want to be pregnant or small kids.
    I wish tuna schools will improve /increase , but maybe the more difficult of these 2 species[tuna,salmon].

    I will delegate the codfish/cod liver oil to others,LOL
    Like wild caught salmon,smoked salmon so that is part of solution.

    b] Salmon is interesting in many respects. Populations vary greatly in the 3 states on the left coast.............................. Its more complex than much of wildlife management, because i just learned the cooler ocean temperature, past 2 years , is having a slight but measurable decrease in some salmon stocks in Alaska. Alaska is still in good shape mostly.

    c] Same old patterns in some areas; dont want to mention names, but goofy gov in some areas, tend to goof up the wildlife management also. But even the worst,extinct areas are not hopeless. Ireland wiped out completely the salmon population on one of thier rivers due to pollution. [c] Cleaned it up , now salmon are back.

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    I'm on it. I saw one a star trek, looks simple enough. It was just a box with some buttons. Ill put on together tomorrow or Tues...
  10. Just curious, but are you on medication to control all these doomsday posts? Manic depression, anyone?
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