Peacebuilding: Protest Placard Law

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    Peacebuilding: Protest Placard Law

    imo, the world probably needs to update our laws related to protesting.

    1. Each protester must use at least one placard, with a minimum size. Each protester must use at least one hand to hold one's protest placard. Anyone with both hands free should be expelled and kept away from the protest place!

    [So that violence could be greatly reduced due to only one hand is free.]

    [Too many protesters with both hands free could be the main source of violence in most protests. No matter what they think in their individual minds. Action and reaction! ]

    2. Each placard must state clearly what is the "Reason for Protesting" (ROP) explaining the Reason/(Logos) of why, instead of merely a Statement/(Lexis) of what one arbitrarily wants for the protest.

    [So that a protester has a chance to think about "Why", and others as well as associates can understand also "Why".]

    3. Therefore, the people involved and the media after a protest can calmly analyse and logically argue any pros and cons according to the contents of placards that were used during the protest.

    [So that the protester of both sides could improve their placards next time through using stronger and more convincing reasons.]

    4. Potentially, every protest placard must be self-made, rather than mass produced by any party leaders.

    [So that importantly/effectively/hopefully different (at least slightly) voices within a protest group could be heard! ]


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  2. Can the media all be told do an "understanding protestry" course to better appreciate the voices? :)

  3. With this placards approach, the media could not easily make up too many things by reporting mainly their preferred interviews.

    Furthermore, when both sides are willing to analyse and improve their own placards, perhaps after several rounds of protests both sides would finally realise they have a common goal/objective agreeable by both sides due to they finding out they actually have a common enemy.

    Such as unemployment/underemployment has not been paid attention by various parties for too long time/years/decades.

    Forcing the politicians to do something really constructive. Rather than directing the public to various side issues.

    Sometimes, today's problems/issues were merely results/outcomes of lacking long term/range planning decades ago.
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