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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by zg81, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. zg81


    Are there any firms that offer services to get around the PDT rule, i.e., I deposit a small amount of money (several thousands) but I can still day trade?
  2. bigpapi


    Do a search for Prop Firms and look around. There's hundreds around offering different flavors.
  3. i imagine that pretty much all prop firms do what you are looking for!

    Im more interested in retail firms that let you daytrade with less than the 25k. Can only think of alliance at teh moment in that bracket....
  4. bigpapi


    That's news to me, a retail firm that doesn't follow the pdt rule? I don't think they'll be around for long
  5. Surdo


    They are domiciled in Jamaica mon, not Finra members.
  6. Theres been a few. Alliance have been around for ages now, so i doubt they'll be going anywhere, but they charge silly commissions/fees.

    One day someone's gonna start one with real discount commisisons like you get with IB etc and are gonna get ALL of the underfunded traders coming to them and are gonna make a mint!!
  7. bigpapi


    Yeah I just went to their site, their commissions are around 11 bucks per ticket!
  8. bigpapi


    That would be sweet, only thing is there's not much daytrading you can do with 1k or even 10k, unless you're trade pennystocks. If they would offer leverage with IB commissions and some type of insurance on the deposit, but then again that's asking for too much .