PDT reset question for IB

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by wjk, Aug 1, 2008.

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    "PDT reset question for IB"

    I have withdrawn cash from my day trade account at IB and reduced the amount to a regular margin account of around 5k. I have requested a reset so I can continue to trade equities on a longer frame. Reset is effective Tue. My question is:

    Am I allowed to trade futures in this account (YM in this case) while waiting for the account to reset, or is the lockout applied to all trading? I am new to futures trading, and have finally had my fill of the PDT mins rules and impending changes to shorting stock. Some in congress (Chuckie) not only want the uptick rule brought back, but want .10 instead of .01 on the uptick. Thx
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    PDT only applies to equity trading, not futures or forex. So the answer is yes, you can trade other asset classes.
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    BTW, are ETFs categorised as equity in PDT sense?

    Another question, if I make one intraday roundtrip per stock with several stocks, will I be PDT?:confused:
  4. Yes and yes