PDT killing you? why not futures?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 0008, Nov 21, 2002.

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    I don't understand why there are so many people swear the PDT rule but still stick to the stocks. Why don't they move to the futures?
  2. Not wanting to use margin.
  3. "Not wanting to use margin"?

    You mean you're afraid you don't have the discipline to take your stops!? If you really want to day trade (ie. not hold overnight) using margin versus cash makes absolutely no difference. It's all in the risk control (ie. position size, stop's, etc.) Sure, margin lets you trade more IF YOU WANT TO. Nobody sayes you have to. Just trade small.
  4. First of all I never said I want to daytrade. What I am objecting to is that rules to supposedly restrict the activities of full time daytraders have been applied to me. I rarely make more than one trade a day, and often I make none.

    If you're moving to futures because you admittedly don't have enough money in your account to avoid the PDT rules, then the suggestion to "trade small" is redundant. Since the futures are in multiples of 100, a single contract may exhaust a small account if the person doesn't want to use full margin.
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  6. First they came for the stock trader. Then they came for the options trader. Sooner or later they will come for the futures traders. Then where where will there be left to turn?
  7. that would be the intelligent thing to do ...
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    let me give you my simple reason for not going for futures. That is, I do not feel comfortable with futures trading. I have limited capital for trading. Liquidity, timing, reliability will be more crucial than they are to me for trading stocks/stock options. The condition of any futures markets is not suitable for me at this stage. By the way, I am seriously thinking I should stop trading stock options due to the PDT rules, which worsen the liquidity and time/volatility related issues, putting me in more risks.
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    I think we all agree that we can run to futures. The real problem is the government is trying to "protect" us. This is like communist propaganda. Where will they stop?? Is it their money on the line? If we lay down and let them have this without a fight, they'll go for more.

    You know what they say, give them and inch....
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    Maybe you should trade baseball cards...
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