PDT Committee looking into new measures on PDS

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  1. A NASD committee extends its commitment to control industry risks. A members from NYSE who just quit from NYSE broad, joined by a few of his NASD, CBOE, and WCOM colleagues, announced yesterday they are looking into implementing new measures related to PDS which stands for pattern day sex. The argument is this. Since PDT is so powerful and presumably successful to control risk while benefiting special interest group, so will PDS. For example, if a couple have more than 3 sexes in five consecutive calendar days, the chance for them getting NASD/NYSE/CBOE and their society into risky is substantial. They have more chance to pregnant, or have health problems, and hence yield more overhead risk. A member who originate the PDT idea told the reporter that having sex is no longer a personal decision and freedom as far as the committee's concern. Everyone must be responsible and be restricted. The committee worries that couples themselves don't know what they are capable of and they must be looked after by strictly implmented rules.

    However, a concealed surveillance revealed that that this member himself have as many as 20 sexes with his various wives or mistresses in a week on average. He is in fact a fundamentalist believing in a extreme Polygamy religion.

    It is still unclear what the committee is going to do about PDS. The story is developing.


  2. Pabst


    Only wives, mistresses, and office bimbo's will be classified as "securities" under the new regulation. Hookers, like futures are exempt since only a performance bond is needed.
  3. PDT is such obvious bullshit, i can't believe it still exists.

    why doesn't our government make rules for ANYTHING risky?!

    why don't they stop people from becoming movie stars because the risk of failure is too high??

    i'm NOT suggesting they do that...i'm such saying....WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!!!!!

    PDT is SO in the wrong direction of what i think a government should do. pisses me off......
  4. How comes this in Chit Chat?