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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by matt5555, Aug 8, 2003.

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    I'm 18, I have $35,000 that I trade with, but its the biggest pain with only being able to trade 3 day trades in 4 days. That serverly limits my trading, and causes me to have to be ultra-selective with my trades.

    I have a cash account as well, with that I am only limited to the cash that I have in my account per day.

    I tried to open an account with IB last week, and halfway through the application process it said I had to be at least 21. There goes that. I heard tradestation is the same, 21.

    I heard about TrackTrade, the comm. looks alright, .005 / share, 1 min, but the software doesn't look that great, although that's the least of my cocerns.

    Besides, TrackTrade / myTrack, where should I look for a PDT account, where the min age is 18. It has to be a direct access broker.

  2. If you've got 35 large, the PDT rules won't affect you. $25k is the magic number there.
  3. I found that if you accidentaly change the year you were born, IB doesn't seem to care too much. :eek:

    And damn you are a rich 18 year old.
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    Change that account to a margin one and you should be able to daytrade
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    I never knew you had to be 21... to trade, or to start investing.
    Very odd.

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    I need a new broker is what I am saying. The broker I use right now charges too much in commission, 12.95 per ticket, plus ECN fees. That kills me, especially since I do not like to purchase a position in one shot, I like to scale it in most of the time.