Discussion in 'Trading' started by ShoeshineBoy, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. Is anyone successfully using IB's new Mobile Trader w/ their PDA or cell? Is it on a Palm or Pocket PC? And is there any charting software out there that can half-way work with a PDA?
  2. Hubert


    man it would scare me to death to trade on a pda
  3. mrktwiz


    talk about wrist lock, and scribbling orders on a little screen...damn I can think of esaier platforms to trade on...and they call redi bad...lol!

  4. I only do a trade or two a day. Plus, I have difficulty monitoring things on my work PC. I want to set up little vb jobs that would run on a regular basis and monitor vol and price for certain target stocks that I'd screened the night before. I can't really do that on my work PC as I work in a highly anal financial institution that watches all web activity. So I can't have some bot checking the web w/o some network goon sending my activity to my manager!