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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by WTB, Feb 11, 2006.

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    Here's my case:

    Once I have done my Tech Analysis on my tradestation, I set up my alarms in case the pre-defined levels are reached to start searching for an entry. Now the problem is that I am fed up of butting around the house all day long waiting for the sound alarm to go off. It's a sunny day out there and Im stuck here waiting for something that might or might not happen.

    So I've been thinking to buy one of those PDAs or super cell phones with a large touch screen and set it up to receive those sound alarms on it, so I can go have a coffee outside with my girlfriend and stuff. Should I receive the alarm, I can wirelessly connect to the internet and scan the charts on the PDA screen to verify whether my entry requirements are filled and send the order to my broker.

    I am a total newbie when it comes to electronic gadgets, so please spare with my ignorant questions:

    1) if I buy a PDA (not a phone), can I receive real-time those alerts if the PDA is on stand-by mode? or would the PDA need to be logged on the internet 24/7? I hope not because otherwise the battery wouldnt last long.

    2) If I buy a PDA, would I need to also carry my mobile phone around to connect to the net via BlueTooth or could the PDA connect to the net by itself should a WIFI point not be around? if that's the case, I'd rather buy a super cell phone than a PDA cause I dont wanna carry two devices all day long.

    3) since I need to look at the charts before sending the order confirmation, I'd need a PDA/phone with a large screen. That's why I am in the market for a 640x480 resolution device. I like the ACER N311 because its small size and reasonable price. There are some super cell phones with that resolution, but they are pricy and their size is massive. Any recomendations as far as the hardware goes, either PDA or super cell phone?

    Thanks a lot in advance. I hope you can assist me in this matter so I could go out the house after doing my TA analysis. My girlfriend will be ever thankfull to you!