PDA/Phones - Which one?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by nlslax, Jul 17, 2005.

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    Hello all, looking for some advice here.

    I am looking at the Palm Treo 650 or one of the Blackberry models. I am with Cingular. I need email and Web access plus want to sync with Outlook for contacts and calendar. I'm not very tech oriented and I need to be able to use the basic functions as soon as my service is turned on with the new phone.

    Treo 650 has a 200+ page users guide, Blackberry is similiar. I don't know anyone who uses either, but both are highly rated. I'm concerned that after I buy I won't be able to get up to speed as quickly as I would like.

    Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.


  2. Do you require trading access? If so, I would go with the Treo 650.
  3. nlslax


    I'm leaning towards the Treo 650. I would like trading access, but not #1 priority. Most concerned about PDA functions, email and Web access.

    Would be interested to know anyone's experiences with the learning curve of getting the Treo up and running. I'm guessing it can't be as difficult as a 200+ page manual appears.
  4. Joe


    Treo 650 froze 4 times on me in the last 3 weeks, this could be very scary if your trading on it. I wasn't doing any thing to difficult, just taking pics and other general tasks.

    In order to get it back, you have to remove the battery for a second then put it back. This takes 40-60 seconds if your fast (time includes the loading of the OS), but then you have to get back on the net which will increase down time.
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    Thanks Joe.
    Other than that, I assume you're pleased with the Treo. If not, which PDA/phone would have been your next choice?

    Greetings from Lake Mary.
  6. Joe


    For checking email, office correspondence and general organization of contacts, dates and appointments, go with the black berry.

    If your looking to do more web based activity go for the treo, It will cost you an extra $200, but the ability to do more with it will offset that price. I have posted a pic that I took with the treo 650, the quality is great.

    Last thing, if you have a problem remembering names with faces, the treo's camera phone integrates well with your contacts, attach the photo of that contact to their number when they call you instantly know who that person is. If your to embarrassed to take a picture of a person, go to their companies website and download their logo, so at least you know where john doe is calling from.
  7. Joe


    Another pic taken with Treo 650, both were from Chicago.
  8. nlslax


    Looks great. I'll probably go ahead and bite the bullet.

    Did it take you long to get it up and running?
  9. I use the Samsung 330i from Sprint. Internet access, outlook hookup, pda etc. Bought it used on ebay for $75 and very happy with it.
  10. Joe


    Yes/No, I am able to use the phone but some features are not as easy to configure. Make sure to check with whomever your trading with, to verify the phone is compatible.
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