PDA/Phone preference?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by cml2949, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. cml2949


    Anyone trade from their pda/phone? I was looking to get a 7100 series Blackberry , but I'm not sure that it will hold the bandwidth for the Live Streaming Quotes.. I want the package of pda/phone.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance
  2. treo 650. hands down winner.

  3. WD40


  4. lojze


    www.qtek.com, if your mobile provider has them subsidized.
  5. lojze


    But the biggest problem is data supply ... Hillcast has gone ... and IB as my data provider hasn't good charts. On other hand QT as charts program doesn't work on mobile platforms.

    Any idea how to come around?
  6. treo 700 is out. you might want to consider that. i think it support verizon wireless broadband, so speed is no issue.
  7. Kendall


    Treo 700W through verizon is great!

    The smartphone isn't too big so you can pull it out in most places and runs windows operating system...Verizon EDVO network is ridiculous...The net flies, you can pull up any non formatted website no problem, it's amazing...

    As far as trading goes, you will need to get www.quotrek.com pda service...Download the software and run it...YOu will get live streaming charts and can get live streaming level I quotes, up to 20...It's enough to keep on top of swing trades that are short-term...Service is $50 a month...

    To actually trade you can hit any of the brokers in another window while quotrek is running...

    Eventually I think the brokers will offer level I streamers, and streaming quotes on PDA as part of your account, but until then the only bummer is paying the $50 a month to quotrek...But it's pretty ridiculous to be able to get info like this on a PDA...Quotrek is definitely the service to get, as far as I know...If you know of others speak up...
  8. bjdhawk


    how well does quotrek work on a non-EVDO/broadband network? i have treo 650 but i don't think it has EVDO capability.
  9. Sprint ppc 6700 has wi-fi and EVDO, I use esignal mobile on it for quotes. Sprint's service is much cheaper than verizon's.