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    Any Quotrek users here?

    Trying to figure out which device would work best with Quotrek?

    Choices are Blackberry,Motorola Q ,Palm Treo or Samsung SCH-i730.

    Seems like the devices with a stylus would be the easiest/fastest to pull up a chart,not really concerned with the stylus requiring 2 hands to operate.

  2. It's a memory and bandwidth hog. I would recommend one of the newer HTC devices on a 3G network. The Samsung will work well, as well as the Cingular 8125 or Sprint PPC 6700, which I use.
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    ok thanks
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    Seems like Motorola Q is the best deal .
    Verizon has it for $99 after rebate with a 2 year contract.
    It has the windows operating system on it.
  5. i use quotrek with a sprint treo 650. i pay for the cme globex package for around $120 and my sprint package is around $60 with the internet access and 300 mins. i trade the stock index futures and fx futures....while at work:D
    not much problems with the device...but i wish my trades were more profitable...:)
    i'm the average retail investor:mad: :p :cool:
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    Please do not get the Q. I just got one in November and it is horrible.

    The other day, on CNBC, they were mentioning how PDA's used to funtion as though you were on an old computer with a dial up connection. If you're OK with how an old PDA works, then get a brand new Q.

    You get what you pay for.

  7. whats wrong with it? i was going to trade in my treo650 for it, please elaborate. are there different levels of the Q? the one i was looking at was 400.00.



    ps. but i see its free here


    not sure if its the same thing, however.
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    The Nokia E90 will be out soon.
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    So you recommend the ?
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    Sorry Guys. You have probably found phones by now, but I thought I'd follow up anyway, maybe for others' benefit.

    I'm far from a phone techie but here are my observations:

    Off the bat, I have talked to numerous peolple with the top end treo and they are very pleased. Much faster internet and just a better over all phone. However, my sister in law has the low end treo and hates it, so it's not just Treo vs Q etc.

    Surf, if you traded in your treo, let me know how it went. But I assume you did a little more research and maybe ended up with a 700 treo?

    All in all, the Q is ok but that is all. Whoever I talk to wishes they would have paid up for another phone.

    That being said, I realize all PDAs are somewhat cumbersome and tedious in there own way, and it'll be a while before they match a fast PC.

    One more issue. The q runs on a little different platform. IE you cannot use it with some platforms such as Think or Swim. The soft ware is not supported, last I checked any way.

    I'm with verizon, so I'm limited to the treo as far as top end goes for now, I'd also like to hear what else is out there, or what may be coming.
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