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PD will make new highs soon

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. looking to short

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  4. backing up truck stock looking for 110

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  1. upgrading PD to a trading BUY- expiration 'may' allow entry <95

    st target 103+

    open gap at 100+

    sector under pressure so will give this 5 days


  2. Mvic


    Hope you are still in it, nice call.

  3. what can i say! :D :D :D :D

    yes > i was heavily long this stock > and long many options with some short front month OTM (now itm) calls which covered stock. Also was short Dec puts with April. Now hold cheap April puts and will leg into credits.

    There is no doubt in my mind this stock trends higher but how much if any does it PB, first. Gotta figure this stock for 150. Hell if RIMM can see 130+++ then PD is worth 150 easily! Does it trade with the broad market or continue to run even if we correct?

    $200 is not out of question >>assuming<< the "macro" stays healthy. I am not going to outthink this one like I did last week on a few positions I fu-cked up by lifting WAY TOO SOON and ignorantly selling too much premium against longs costing myself about 40,000 upside.

    Comments on PD or future price?



  4. TY

    will accept a copliment but given the amount missed in my target can only acccept a C+

    however i was long decent size with more room to run.
  5. This was a $10 stock three years ago.


    I don't have anything of substance to add, but we've had a huge run.
  6. so were lots of stocks at one time :D

    bonne chance
  7. What are the chances it's 12x where it is now in 3 years?


    That'd be $1,440 per share.

    This is what I've been saying when I've talked about how this was maybe a once or twice in a lifetime opportunity.

    (My 'Will It Ever Be This Good Again' thread - since '03)
  8. Huge cash component. This thing can't go that much higher without FCX making a MAJOR move.
  9. so >>> now i am worried!

    it is possible to see PD down from here ! I am continuing to taking profits, and watch closely >> if broad market contineus to correct beyond a one-day wonder >>> FCX could take PD lower!

    Duh......... why not state the obvious??!

  10. I don't get why it was a nice call, if not for the news, PD was actually headed down short term as the Street and mainly the hedge funds are pretty bearish on copper. Even with Tenke, PD has a hard time justifying its valuation due to estimates for copper prices. I do not necessarily agree with any estimates, but you gotta understand who is moving this stock and what info they go by.

    As of now, both FCX and PD are targets, as a handful of miners may become interlopers in this deal. Also, it's a question whether the shareholders will approve this deal, although there is a lot of overlap between the biggest institutional holders of PD and FCX. The PD shareholders who do not also own FCX actually believe PD is worth $150+ at the least. And not in the future, these people really believe that PD stock price should be close to $200 TODAY.
    If FCX gets an offer, watch PD cliff dive.

    I originally saw that PD wanted to hit $100 again and possibly continue. However, after seeing how this stock reacts to a slight drop in copper, it was obvious that it was way overbought. Too many people in.
    Long term, does not matter, PD owns Tenke, which is #1 for copper.
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