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  1. Anyone else having fun with this one?

    Triple bottom today. Nice intraday swings, it's been a cash cow for me.

    I wish I could just short/long outright but I need the leverage of options, which is making it more difficult to capture the moves, but they are prounounced enough to still get.

    I am wondering if one doesn't have the capital to move the shares alone, would SSFs be a better route than the options?

    I haven't looked in or traded SSFs, any advice?
  2. hey trackready
    try spread daytrading. since u have some money, leg in whichever way the stock is moving to profit (if ur broker allows naked legs, go for it, if not, leg in long leg first, then short leg second). then when stock is moving in other direction, leg in the other leg (u get more for ur money)

    for instance, if stock is going up, buy calls. if going down, then buy puts. after that, short the complimentary leg when stock moves other way.

    or u can just buy ur calls and ur puts in afternoon, then wait to catch profit in both directions next day. pretty easy. use the technical indicators that work for you. mine is the external RSI along with fibonacci, trend lines, and other support/resist lines.

    also, ur protected both ways, a huge plus. or just buy/short 100-300 shares and then protect urself with cheap options the other way.

    previous posts on this thread pretty funny. whatever, lol!!!! have fun tradin guys. later.
  3. Jesus Christ... Eight pages of immature worthless crap, and nobody has bothered to give the OP the obvious solution:

    Get a series 7 license (It's much easier than you'd think) , and open an account with a pro firm for pro leverage. I use Echo- They provide 30-1 intraday leverage. Your $50K now allows you to trade $1.5 mil worth of stock. Problem solved.

    Now someone please move this crap into the chit chat section, ok?

  4. im the king of PD :)

  5. Thanks for making me aware about PD, I'm always on the lookout for liquid and fast moving stocks, this just went on my watchlist. Appreciate it.
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  7. have a look at the daily gappers, they keep movin' in full percentages ~20%-5% for days and every day u have a new grid to follow..they are in the news; easy to find by either lookin' at technicals[top trade rate/count-range] or fundamentals[news-earnings/m&a/upgrades-court settlements].