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  1. anyone used pctv4me. know anything about them? this is what they say: WATCH TV on your PC! No monthly fee Ever, No hidden charges Ever! Watch Sports, News, Game Shows, Documentaries, and hundreds of other programs from around the US and the world! Your cable company doesn't offer this! And there is no monthly fee!

    Download PCTV4ME today and you will have access to TV channels from around the world as well as hundreds of radio stations to listen to. You have no monthly bills, just a one time set up fee of $29.95!

    From the privacy of your laptop or Pc you can watch news from England, or Spain, or the United States. Watch soccer and other sports programming from Mexico, Ireland, France, and sexy programming from Europe. You won't believe how much variety is out there that you are missing! Let us bring the world of entertainment to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week WITHOUT A MONTHLY FEE!
  2. anyone knows anything about pctv4me.
  3. Just downloaded the demo... CCCP Russian television and the Brigham Young channel don't do it for me.
  4. thanks. will look see.