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  1. I wanted to start a thread (even though it has been discussed many times in previous threads) about specifically what type of performance enhancement people have seen using workstations as opposed to high end pc's...

    For instance, how many traders on this site are using Dual Processor, Dual SCSI drive workstations and in what circumstances should a trader decide that it is worthwhile to invest in Dual SCSI drives as opposed to a standard hard drive...What RAID configuration is best? Which RAID controller, etc, etc...

    I am still something of a novice in this area but trying to get a better feel cause I think it is pretty important...

    nitro?...I know this is right up your alley
  2. Does dual processors and two SCSI drives give you any advantage? I run a P4, 1.8 Ghz and one SCSI drive in both my computers and couldn't be any happier.
  3. Right, I understand...I am trying to get some feedback as to which applications, software, databases, etc would be the reason to go to the dual processor workstation...A few people I talk to are pretty adamant about having a workstation over a pc...
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    I also am very interested in what anyone has to say as I would like to put together a screamer high end system. I'm aware of the basics but not the real nitty detail of all the components . What works best with what, what's overkill etc. Vulture started a thread on this before but it faded. What is the real advantage of a xeon chip, anyone know?
  5. I use a dual P3 600Mhz w/256 RDRAM and SCSI drive. Two Viewsonic e790 monitors w/Matrox dual head and JAZ 2Gig storage drive. Data is from DTN and I use the old but reliable Window on Wallstreet Daytrader v.7 as my charting software. I've traded equities with some success and failure and am just getting started with e-minis.

    Performance with this system is great and although my charts are compute intensive I've not had problems worth complaining about. I can usually find a work around. BTW DT7 is a multithreaded app and uses the second processor.

  6. You actually dont need too much sophistication for trading. A 1 Gzh PC and cable internet connection and UPS are enough. Develop your trading strategy instead.
  7. Agreed Mercedes, but it only costs a little more to go first-class.

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    Been doing this for awhile, my strategy is quite well developed as I'm certain is Vulture's. What we're looking for here are hardware technology aware people with recomendations re; componets interacting with each other and functioning as a whole machine. Potential problems and suggestions We just want to invite girls up to see our computer etchings. Let's not make this one of those merry go round threads.
  9. 'K, then...Mercedes is basically right as most charting software today is not multithreaded therefore won't use a second processor. That isn't to say a second processor wouldn't be used by the computer to arrange work, etc. Most trading needs are focused around the internet connection and if you can do better than dial-up without having to use a satellite that's the best way to go. Use a newer model computer and about 192Megs of RAM for each monitor you plan on using. As for hard drives ATA-EIDE are plenty fast enough unless you want to store a lot of data. Most apps today aren't written that way so you shouldn't really need an SCSI drive except for fast storage.:cool:

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    Just curious... why do you say "192Megs of Ram for each monitor"? Isn't that overkill? I run 4 monitors and my peak memory total usage has been only about 470Meg including all the apps.
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