pcquote/orbit feeds-any good?!?!???

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by janko, Jun 11, 2001.

  1. janko


    i'm in the search for a data vendor, and i've read all the posts here on elite trader, but still cant make up my mind, nextrend seems to be fairly reliable,e signal is good, price kinda high for the good stuff and some complaints lately. qcharts, well we know about them, windowonwallstreet,not too many users out there, but then i cam accross orbit which looks pretty decent, my question is, anyone out there who uses them, or pcquote, they use the same feed. orbit looks fairly nice. any htoughts??? thnx guys,
  2. white17


    I've used PCQ for about three years. They've gotten better all the time. Outages rare. Tech support about like all the rest I suppose. They always start off by blaming your connection to the net for any problem. But for the price (75$) its adequate for me
  3. janko


    white17, did you use orbit or pcquote for 75, the reason why i'm asking is that on their site pcquote is for 75 but no charts, but orbit has it, so i'm wondering what the main difference is and which one you use. also is there any limits on how many windows you can have open? thnx
  4. white17


    I use PC Quote. I usually have 4 or 5 windows open
  5. janko


    so with pcquote for 75 you DON'T ge t charts right? or is their site misleading? thnx
  6. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    I am testing them this week. Still have to download.
    However, I can tell you this already :
    Orbit at $75 is with charting.
    With charting $125 and with Level II

    Behind the scene it is HyperFeed [Townsend Analytics] also known as RealTick data feed.

    PCquote for 75$ does not offer charting.. But I can't really see the difference with Orbit [can't be just the excel link]


    I can say more already.. Orbit is a basic charting package. pretty limited, but no less than eSignal. However it is no comparison to QCharts and probably to PCQuote / Realtick [which I am not very familiar with - I know QCharts well though].

    Now I understand how they can offer PCQuote and Orbit at different prices.