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  2. PC Quote/Hyperfeed is a good sorce of quotes & data. Alot of the reliability of quotes has to do with the bandwidth of your connection, access to quote server(internet or WAN), RAM on your computer, Software conflicts if any(assuming you use direct access execution software)& hardware(usually theamount of RAM on your computer is a big factor). I'm not a tech, but PC quote is a
    good source for quotes. You also might want to look at ILX,AT Financial & E-Signal. If you have a direct access order execution system for quotes, you could look at some less expensive alternatives for quotes like DTNIQ. Go to Chris Wheelers DaytradingStocks.com for a complete list of quote providers at

    Gene Weissman
    Lieber & Weissman Sec., L.L.C.
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    Currently I have a ISDN64kbps Internet connection. Do you think it is sufficient for the Hyperfeed/PcQuote feed?

    RAM or other PC specifications pause no limit or conflict. I just would like to know about the ISDN64 connection.

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    with ISDN you have all the bandwidth you need. quotes do not take a lot a bandwidth typically.
    what is more important is delays to their servers, and again with ISDN you should be alright unless you are routed through half of the world before reaching TAL / Realtick.