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  1. yabz


    I am no longer able to connect to this site.

    Has it gone belly up?
  2. No; try again ...
  3. yabz


    If I do a neotrace on the site I get

    Destination Net Unreachable.

    I have been trying for several days to connect and always get the same problem:( . I'm based in Bangkok, but can't see why that should matter.

    Are there any other sites that give the same info? I'm particuarly interested in options data.
  4. Just connected; it is fine from the Bahamas.
  5. Try Hyperfeed; the parent.
  6. yabz


    I get exactly the same problem with hyperfeed...

    I cannot connect through google's cache either.

    ...and yet you can connect ... how weird :confused:
  7. Maybe the Chinese are blocking you ...
  8. nkhoi


    try delete all your link history, clean out all cookies, sometimes your link get re-direct to diff link. It connect just fine in US
  9. pcquote.com

    no problem from Taipei. and no need to type the preceding www.
  10. yabz


    Doesn't seem to make any difference. I've also tried using a different pc.

    Maybe they have changed the ip address of their domain name. The domain name servers in Thailand take a long time to update. I remember having the same problem when I changed isp earlier this year.

    I hope that this is it, because I find it a very useful site.
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